Fume Extraction Cabinets

Fume Extraction Cabinets

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5090 Portable Ductless FEC.jpg
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The fume extraction cabinets are made from Mild Steel with electro statically powder coated outside panels, the internal section is made from chemical & acid proof polypropylene internal casing and baffle, The units are designed to have a minimum face velocity of 0,5 m/sec with the sash fully open, they can be mounted on bench top or optional stand, the units include but not limited to

  • Acid & chemical proof Polypropylene internal casing and baffle
  • Energy efficient LED lighting
  • 2 x 16 Amp Electrical sockets on both side panels
  • Visible running light
  • Toughened glass manual sliding sash
  • Various sizes¬†available as standard & NON standard sizes available on request
  • 304 or 316 Stainless Steel internal casing available on request, full Stainless Steel units Optional
  • Custom made sizes and shape available on request
  • Various optional gas services available
  • Drainage available
  • Walk-in types available

Complete Stainless Steel units available on request

VIEW DOWNLOAD SS-0281 GA of Portable FEC

VIEW DOWNLOAD SS-0137 GA of Standard Sizes FEC

Standard Sizes:

  • 5065P = 650 mm Ductless Portable Internal width with Activated Carbon filter
  • 5090P = 950 mm Ductless Portable Internal width with Activated Carbon filter

These units can also be ducted but must be requested at time of order

Fixed Units

  • 5090 = 900 mm Internal width
  • 5120 = 1200 mm Internal
  • 5150 = 1500 mm Internal
  • 5180 = 1800 mm internal




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