FFU – Fan Filtration Units

FFU – Fan Filtration Units

3600 FFU Vertical mount.jpg
3600 FFU.jpg
3600 HEPA Filter Test Rig.jpg
3600 Bottom fed Unit.jpg
3600 Bottom fed Vertical unit.jpg
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Stainless Steal FFU Left side.jpg
Stainless Steal FFU Right side.jpg
FFU HEPA Housing 1.jpg
FFU HEPA Housing.jpg
3600 FFU Vertical mount.jpg
3600 FFU.jpg

These filtration units are Modular and can be assembled in a variety of different combinations, they can be mounted Vertically or Horizontally supplying or extracting air from rooms for positive or negative pressure,  there are 2 main sizes of filtration units available as standard but any size can be made up to suit the volume of air to be handled for your needs, they come with the following options of filtration: – For larger units see our AHU Units

  • Pre Filtration
  • Secondary (up to 95%) filtration
  • HEPA filtration to H14
  • Activated carbon or other absorption media can also be added

The following is available Optional: Filter monitoring with differential pressure gauges as well as variable speed controlling with manual speed controls – the units come as a standard 230 Volt centrifical fan, but the larger units can be fitted with 380 Volt Axial flow fans

  • 3300 Unit Supplies air up to 0,25 m3/hr
  • 3600 Unit Supplies Air up to 1 m3/hr

For higher volumes of air, multiple units can be used or the bigger 4, 6 and 9 filter units can be made up on request




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VIEW DOWNLOAD     SS-0169 GA of typical 3300 Filter Unit

VIEW DOWNLOAD     SS-0168 GA of typical 3600 Filter Unit


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